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Des Moores Pigeon Domain

My first pigeon loft

My second loft


Below two equal 1000 mile winners



Both of the above cocks landed together
14 days after liberation from 1000 miles

Raced by Allan Starke bred by Des Moore
This cock was equal 1st Combine 150 mls equal 1st Combine 508 mls

The photos below were actual newspaper clippings
They did not come out very clear in the scan,
the story about each picture is below it


The above cock bird won Grand Champion racing at the Perth Royal Show for four consecutive years.
In six years showing he won Champion racing pigeon in every show he was exhibited in


For a period of time I combined with Ron Dalziell to show as Dalmore lofts, in most of the shows we exhibited in under that name we won nearly every Champion Racing Pigeon Sachs
The particular show that this photo was take was the Perth Royal Show, we won most of the racing pigeon classes and all the Champion sachs that were to be won


The pigeon's in the picture were two of three that flew the distance of 274 miles in 3 and1/2 half hours they all homed together.
The velocity for the winning birds was 2246 MPM or converted 2437 YPM


This photo made the front page of the States afternoon paper, it was also on both radio and television
I had decide to have one more race before I moved to my new house, the race was decide on that weekend of the move.
The day of the move all the birds were home except one, I had to remove the loft to my new location so I expected to go back and pick up the bird if it homed.
After three weeks this bird turned up at my new house and sat in front of the trap waiting to go in.
Although the move was only just over a mile away the bird must have flown around until it saw the loft 


Van Loon Janssen
This hen has bred large entry winners with every cock she has been mated to

A Great Example of a young Van Loon

Typical Van Loon Cock

Van Loon Hen

Broad Barkers at their best

Broad Barker Cock

Broad Barker Hen

In most races in Australia you can only clock one bird, the  
    cock above landed with the clock bird both times


 Des Moore Dominator,
only bird to home from race 252 miles nest mate won twice from 350 miles

A typical young Dominaror hen

Van Loon X Dr Linsen Janssen

pink and grey galah a great trainer

Some of the pigeons in my loft.
Birds the same as these below will be advertised for sale on my webpage at a later date.

A Round of My Youngbirds Having a Look Around


The above cock is one of four unrung birds that i have in the loft off my own breeding, this particular cock went straight into the stock loft

British Barcelona Club Y/B National From Lamballe
Nigel & Danielle Rigani 1st and 3rd section A, 3rd section A, Dam--100% Des Moore Dominator

Moore Barker Bred By Rob Morley
Rob Said that this bird is the best long distance bird that he has ever raced


Van Loon hen straight off the loft for 1st race 512 miles flew it on the day for equal first


 Des Moore dark check 4th South Australia Homing Association
   357 miles only six association birds on the day velocity 878mpm

Janssen/ Van loon

two sisters of this cock have bred 6x1st fed 11x1st club


The above cock is one of my own breed, they are mainly dark checks, the full brother to this cock bred nine top ten federation places in his first year of breeding

Two typical Clay Barker stock cocks

Cock birds that will be sold on my internet sales.