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Courtesy of Charles Dismore F B I Pigeon Lofts 


    To Care for the Bird...

WATER    Make sure the pigeon you found is given water.  If it landed in your yard it is most likely because the bird got disoriented and went down to the nearest place it was flying.  Water will be the first thing it needs to have.   They get dehydrated and may not drink right off, but if you leave water in front of it, the bird will usually find it and drink.

FOOD    Any kind of grain is good.  Wild bird seed is perfect for it's needs, which is at any local pet store or feed store.  Just like it's response to the water, it may not eat immediately, but will find it when it is ready if you have the feed placed in front of the bird.   If it was lost out of a race, it may be extra tired and will drink a little that day, and eat very little.  Don't be worried about it eating or drinking while you are watching it.   It is in a strange surrounding, but will eat on its own when it recuperates from its flight.


     Your best bet, if you have found a bird, dead or alive, is to copy the exact band information off of its leg and go to the club contact list on my site to find Your nearest club.  All the birds that we race have a band on one of its legs.  Every thing printed on the leg is necessary to finding the owner.  If it does not have a band on it, it is most likely a common pigeon and there will be no attainable information of where it came from, or where it might need to go.

      If you have problems, drop me an email and I will assist you as far as I can.  There are times when we cannot find the owners and have no idea what to do with the birds, but we will help until that time comes.

     We (Pigeon Fanciers of the World) appreciate your time and concern about returning a lost pigeon to its owner.  Even if it is dead, we like to know the data on it.