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January - February Newsletter

Queensland 10,000 One loft Race

QLD 10,000
    JAN-FEB News Letter

Welcome to our 2009 QLD 10,000,it is shaping to be a great series of races with 64 flyers and syndicates registered so far, and a total of 280 plus birds, including spares at this stage with some late commers still to arrive.
I have bred 50 trainers as well for that bit of extra cover, it worked well last year and was very well supported as they had their own seperate race on the day,as Jaie Cautney keeps reminding me .
The Falcon has been around a bit lately but not showing much interest in the birds, their are lots of flock pigeons about so I guess she is feeding on them.  
All the birds have been vaccinated for Pox and are in pretty good shape, most are pretty well in to the moult you can tell by the feathers, at this stage I am very happy with their progress.
The Race Dates are as follows:
19th of July -Agneswatres 150mls.
9th of August Yepoon 250mls.
30th of August St.Lawrence. 350mls.
Everyone is welcome to come along and watch the
birds return on race days, we have a BBQ and drinks,
It is also a good opportunity to meet other flyers.
I would like to thank Des for all his help in setting up this web site, if it was left up to me it would never have happend, its taken me two hours just to do this.