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Race Information

Queensland 10,000 One loft Race





All QLD 10,000 One Loft Race birds are housed in the same loft, with no preference given to any bird/s. The trainer/loft manager has no interest in any bird/s.

All birds are given the same training, the same access to medication when required and therefore the same opportunity to win the QLD 10,000.

The trainer/loft manager retains the right to decide whether birds are fit enough to compete in any race or toss, if not, the interest/welfare of the bird shall take priority.



All birds shall arrive at the QLD 10,000 loft between 1st November and the 31st January, unless other arrangements are made with the trainer/loft manager.

The birds shall be:

1.      Rung with the current year life ring

2.      Be at least 28 days old

3.      Be free of disease and parasites

4.      Be accompanied by an entry form and nomination fee.


If any birds are found to be ill they shall be isolated and treated. Should they not respond to treatment they shall be destroyed. The owner shall be notified and arrangements made for a replacement.

The trainer/loft manager retains the right to refuse the entry of any bird/s.

Birds shall be accepted on the basis of first in, until the loft capacity of 400 is reached.

No booking fee is required, but payment with delivery is mandatory.

Loft inspections can be arranged by contacting Jim.



No bird shall be deemed as entered in the QLD 10,000 until the appropriate fee is paid.

No person is to handle any birds without the approval of the trainer/loft manager.

All prizemoney shall be paid by cheque within thirty days of the race finishing.

The race will be declared finished at  6pm on the third day.

All birds in the loft after the completion of the three race series remain the property of their respective owner/s and arrangements to collect the birds should be made immediately after the completion of the main race. 

Should no birds home prior to the race finish time prizemoney shall jackpot to the following year.

Should only one bird home in race time, all prizemoney shall be allocated to the nominator of that bird.

Should only two birds home in race time, prizemoney shall be split equally between the two, after the allocation of first and second prizemoney.

Should only three birds home in race time, prizemoney shall be split equally between the three, after the allocation of first second and third prizemoney.

Likewise for the remainder of prizemoney.



Please note The entry fee has changed for the 2012 Race

There will not be any spares for the 2012 race


the entry conditions have changed
The fee is now $120 per/bird or 6 birds for $600






To help owners make the decision whether to enter their bird/s in the QLD 10,000, Jim offers the following information on the concept of one loft racing, his loft, training methods etc.



Normally pigeon racing involves birds being bred, reared, trained and raced by individual flyers whose locations can be widespread. Therefore when all race birds are released at a race point, they fly to their respective lofts. Therefore not all conditions are equal.

The concept of one loft racing levels the playing field, with all or nearly all conditions being equal.

These conditions include being housed together, growing together and all having the same training, medication and nutrition, therefore all have the same opportunity to excel.

It also provides the means for breeders/owners to access the ability of their birds on a level playing field and also to race for higher prizemoney than is usually available at club or Federation level.



The principle of training the birds using Jim’s methods results in the best birds competing in the main race. The best result for owners/breeders.


Placings are determined according to the order the birds enter the trap and register on the Electronic Timing System (ETS), as they have been trained to do from the first day of education.


Jim’s training regime consists of loft flying and education for approximately three months. Tossing prior to the first race (260km) for six to eight weeks. This would normally include several longer tosses of around 120 km.


Leading up to the second race (420km) tossing would be up to 120 km.

Training would be based on a three week rotating basis of week off, toss, race.

Likewise for the main race (680km)


All birds are basketed individually after registering their ring number on the ETS and having a health check.





The QLD 10,000 loft is ideally situated on the side of a hill, with an outlook second to none.

The loft is 14.3 metres long, 3.2metres deep and 1.9metres high with an insulated sloping roof. It stands approximately 1.3 metres off the ground at the rear, this allows access for cleaning and ventilation. The front is approximately 50% wire mesh with smaller area of mesh on the rear wall. The floor is combination timber plank and wire mesh.

Each side of the central trapping station is divided into four separate pens that are all able to be closed off.

The trapping station has eight entries, each entry monitored by the ETS. Birds enter the trap, hop down to floor level and turn left or right to access their preferred perch.

Each side of the loft is equipped with dispensers for grit, minerals calcium etc plus water bowls. Placed externally on the front of the loft and covered with a metal lid. The loft can accommodate 400 birds.



The unit can comfortably accommodate 400 birds. It was purpose built by Jim with side curtains and storage area for feed, waterers etc and fits snugly on the tray of a Hilux.

It contains eight separate removable drawers.



The QLD 10,000 is held on the last weekend of August each year, weather permitting.

Pools, pick the time, auction of all birds and a separate trainer’s race with draw for birds is conducted, plenty of food and drink available.

The birds are expected on the day, and fly from the North.

Accommodation is available at the following: The Victory Hotel/Motel or numerous Motels in Gympie. The loft is situated approximately 40 minutes drive North of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.