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I will be entering in the 2012/13 Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon race in South Africa in 2012/13 so I will be offering shares with various Syndicates to compete in this great race without outlaying the full amount your self to have an activated pigeon and an interest in the race, The syndicates will be know as **Jade Star Syndicates**
There will be limited number of Syndicate shares available. 

Feel free to contact us to take a share, for further details/enquiries contact me by reply email,
A 25% share is AU$350 to be paid in full by 7th May 2012 to activate the first pigeon chosen out of the three in each syndicate and then a US$250 per bird for further activation of any of the two spares if still in the loft in Jan 2013.
Each syndicate will include three members and myself making up the fourth, I will have to know who is interested in becoming a member of a syndicate before the 14th May as the pigeons will have to be mated around that time, a deposit will be required at the same time to claim a syndicate share
The cost per 25% share is AU$350 for the initial share this covers all shipping, quarantine and bank costs,
I will arrange all payments through my Bank. 
If there are still birds in the syndicate that are still in the loft by the final race or before that if all members agree to activate any remaining pigeons in their syndicate at any time the activation fees for those remaining pigeons would be an extra US$250 per bird for each syndicate member. 
I will breed all the pigeons with the members holding the shares able to name the pigeons in the syndicate that they are involved with, I will hold one of the four shares a 25% share in any syndicate and activated pigeon.
All members of each syndicate will receive a report after every race and toss on their pigeons progress
The pigeons will be bred from Van loons, Van loon/Janssen, Barkers, Sions, my own Dark Check family and Goodger/Barkers 
I did not sent for the 2011/12 race through being overseas when the pigeons went, in the 2010/11 race of the five I sent three made it right through to the final race 
Des Moore

If interested in purchasing a syndicate share in this great race
Contact me by clicking on the below link