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These are the original Clays imported into Australia by Len Broad, They have been kept as pure as possible I have not put a cross put into them since I first received the first birds from Ivan Henderson in 1962. They excel in long hard races up to three days where birds are scarce there are so many Combine and Federation winners in this family it would take pages to list them, I have also clocked the Barkers to fly 2437mpm


Bred from one of my 1000 mile winners these birds have won races from 60 to 1000 miles on both fast and hard days, this family are the true all rounder’s of the pigeon world.

This photo was taken by Bill Last and is reproduced with his permission

This cock was equal 1st Combine 150 miles equal 1st Combine 508 miles


A typical young hen that will be going straight to breeding