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Six Bird Race Team

Denmark 2009 1119
Denmark 2009 1137
Denmark 2009 1124
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If you would like to purchase or bid on the youngbirds go to


The photo above is of a team from a previous years breeding any bred this season could turn out looking as good in your loft.

The price quoted $A320.00 includes

I do not race pigeons at present so all birds for sale will include those I would normally keep for my race team

Broad Barkers, Imported American Sions, **SCRUMPY** Van Loons, Janssen, Dominators, Harrison, **Palmer** Busschaerts, Silver Shadow, Bunter and Desmet Matthijs will be the parents.

In Taiwan youngsters bred off my birds are performing as well if not better than high priced imports into that country

Last season My birds won 2nd Rockhampton sires and one bred the 2nd place in the Gympie 10,000 in Queensland,

Peter Fox a fancier from the NCF purchased six young birds to race, these six helped him to have instant success in the distance races, five of those six went on to produce prize winners in their first season in stock (Racing Pigeon Journal Pg 4 June 2008)

This years racing results so far

1x1st N.C.F. Combine 1x2nd N.C.F. Combine,

21st Adelaide Pigeon Club one loft race 1st race

1st Northern Districts Invitation Combine, two bred from a team sent last year landed together to be 1st and equal 1st

6 young birds $320:00 which includes freight to any Capital City airport.

A deposit of $60.00 when ordering the pigeons and the balance to be paid in full before the birds are sent Six of all the one breed are a different and slightly higher price, contact me for a quote

Slightly extra to other available airports

Last breeding season all available birds were sold

Don't be one of the fanciers to miss out as limited numbers will only be bred for sale.

Orders are being received now for a team of youngsters that will be bred in the 2009 breeding season October 2009 to January 2010

They are all crossed from families of pigeons in my loft, no pedigrees issued until the end of the racing season when I get a report on the bird’s performances from the purchaser

When purchasing a young bird team ask the seller if they have freight included in their advertised price otherwise you could be paying up to $150.00 more than their advertised price for your youngsters