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Denmark 2009 1124

Denmark 2009 1119
Denmark 2009 1137
Denmark 2009 1124
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DENMARK 2009 1124


SIRE of 1124

Denmark 06 1212

He is bred from my best Barkers

His sire is a direct Ivan Henderson Barker

The Dam of 1212 One of four sisters bred for stock she has bred 2X1st Federation.

all the four sisters have bred at least one combine winner each

His sire was bred from a pigeon sent to me by Ivan Henderson’s wife Margaret after Ivan passed away,

The parents of 1212 bred 6 birds to fly over 600 miles


DAM of 1124

Denmark 07 116


Sire of 116 is 99 999 he is bred out of my number one stock pair of Barkers, his bro’s and sisters have bred seven top fed winners


DAM of 116 stoped for breeding after being clocked three years running from 650 miles